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Low hanging testicles : scrotum will help your low balls

Low hanging testicles

This is some way to overcome the Low hanging testicles. The enlargement of the scrotum occurs with many men as they age. It can cause irritation to the scrotum and upper inner thigh. Some men have discomfort in tight clothes and underpants. And other men may dislike the cosmetic appearance of the hanging scrotum.

if you want to see the picture of before and after the low hanging testicles just click here.

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low-hanging-testicles : If I Had Low Hangers

Low hanging testicles

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Low hanging testicles : A man's testicles be tight to the body or hang low if he has not had sex in a while

Special for this statement I must ask it like this : In order of balls story is for a man's testes to properly produce sperm, the ambient temperature needs to be a little cooler than body teperature. The scrotum is designed to mantain that temperature. If it's warmer where you are, then they will hang lower to allow for better air flow to maintain the desired temperature. If it's cold, they will draw up, again to mainain the desired temp.

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Low hanging testicles : alot of pain while walking

I have one story of Low hanging testicles from a package delevery person. And that is "I am a package delevery person and am always moving around and getting up from the vehicle seat of delivery truck. Lately, my testicles have been hurting, especially my right one with radiating aches in my inner right thigh. It is a discomfort that hinders me from walking with packages. The most comfortable way to deliver these packages is to do a jog to the door and back to the truck. I have noticed that my testicles hang low and I recently switched me underwear from boxer briefs to the tighty whiteys because of the pain. That didn't help either. I am not quite sure what is causing this pain, and I can't get in to see my doctor until my next vacation in April.

Is it possible that the constant movement of my occupation is causing my testicles to rub together and cause this pain? It does feel like someone tapped my testicles, but instead of one time it is continuous. "

after read this story, what do you thinking about it ?